As the USA Women’s Soccer Team celebrated

& made Superb political points about all of us


We had a Creepy as all fuck immoral little guy

tryin’ to pretend he really cared about victims

In what can only be called the “Hey, This Isn’t

Helping You In Any Way” Press Conference by

Alex Acosta; Didn’t End Well. Here’s what you

don’t do. Trying to “Defend” a sweetheart deal

for a criminal pedophile will have the Opposite

effect. And it did. What Alex did was Allow the

most disgustingly vile criminal pedophile to go

If you are a Progressive, or Actual Citizen Who


cares About This Country Enacting all The Most

sound policies/correct decisions……..Pelosi does

not Give a Flying Fuck About You. Nope. She is

now going after other freshman democrats and

other Dems Trying to “Control” the party rather

than defend Citizens and enact the policies that

the base Wants. That will cost her dearly Ooops

NOTE: Short Loud Abusive Guy Gets Tackled After Shoving
And Yelling At Others, In a Bagel Store. Gets Comeuppence
This guy Has CLEAR Mental Problems, But That’s No Excuse
RIP: Rip Torn. A Legend, An Actor, An Advocate, & A Super
Strong & Hard Working Guy That Was The Most Loved Actor

Have a day!


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