In what can only be called a Miscarriage of

Justice, At the “Time”, Florida US Attorney

(Felon Pals)

Alex That’ll Acost-ya let Jeffery Epstein off

the Hook in EVERY possible Legal way. He

Is SO Fucked Legally and Might be a large

reason he’s Secretary of Labor for doing it

Firing Him Isn’t Enough. This is Aiding and

Abetting and intentionally Ignoring Crimes

This is Disgustingly evil shit. It’s also VERY

unacceptable Legally Speaking. And as this

house of Cards topple down, Orange Fucko

got “Fact Checked” in Real Time during his


bullshit Environmental Lies Festival, by Fox

news. Yes ya Read it that correctly. Costing

him even more than he can imagine; ooops

NOTE: Progressive Democratic Candidate Amy McGrath
Says She Will Beat Mitch McConnell In 2020 All, For KY

Have a day!


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