Alex Acosta is Stepping Down. Don’t Think for

a second that Ends his very legal culpability in

(“Let’s lie!”)

this Horrific Epstein Case. He Will be In VERY

deep legal trouble. And as OrangeAss flopped

around the whitehouse lawn like a fatfoul fish

it looked even worse then ya can imagine. So,

speaking of “Getting worse”, Britain deals with

selecting their New PM. It is a Choice Between

Dumb & Dumber. And they both looked LOST

On National Television Being Interviewed by 1

Andrew Neil. It went VERY bad. In fact, at one

point Boris Johnson doesn’t even KNOW what

Paragraph 5C (The Laws of the EU). And Hunt

(Dumb & Dumber)

claims they’ll “Leave” the EU by September &

claimed an extra 1.5% in growth would give a

UK government an extra $20 Billion. Ah No, it

WON’T. They’re Tory liars, lying their best lies

to gain power. And with all of this, they will be

meet with the SAME Parliament leaders Telling

them “Fuck No!” to A hard Brexit Deal. Oooops

NOTE: Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Told ICE To Chill
the Fuck out Permanently Denying them Access to our
Police Databases Ahead Of Upcoming Raids. Oooooops

Have a weekend!


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