As Orange Fuckabout praises Dictators, cozy’s

up with Putin & Ruins America Daily, With this


reckless feckless hate. Now it’s all about north

Korea. Kissing Kim Un’s Fat Ass and take your

Entitled, Spoiled, & ignorantly Under Qualified

Daughter 2 the G20 day. She made a massive

ASS of Herself, Which she Does Daily. But this

interaction looks like a Spoiled Child at a party

being told “Um, you Don’t Know What you are

remotely talkin’ about here so please just stop”

And as all this lunacy happens we have a large

Humanitarian crisis, with ICE & simply Abusing

(Like a Boss)

all the migrants bein detained. The Agents told

a women Needing Water to “Go Drink from the

toilet”, Sexually calling them “Whores” & social

media posts from agents that Are VERY Illegal

These racist Immoral concentration camps and

abuse, that’s clearly a Violation of international

law and mostly OUR OWN law….will, not, stand

(Simpsons called it)

Legally Speaking, Heads will Roll, at speeds SO

great, they’ll Bring this Entire Country to a Halt

NOTE: The Economy, Only Helping The Ultra Wealthy Isn’t
Helping Orange Asshole. Polling Looks bleak for him. Good
RIP: baseballs Tyler Skaggs dies suddenly this is a sad day

Have a day!


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