For ANY one in the media talking about “optics”

Or “How Mueller Visibly Looked in The Morning

(No shit)

session” can take their Reality TV Bachelor rose

Insanity & shove it Directly up their goofy asses

The key, Irrefutable Facts That Happened today:

-All Three of the Elements for Obstruction Were Met
-Trump can be Charged/Indicted after leaving office
-Mueller offers dire warnings about Russian Election
meddling saying “It wasn’t a single attempt. They’re
doing it as we sit here” & accepting “help” is a crime
-Trumps involvement with Russians was not a ‘Hoax’
And These Objective Facts Were NOT A “Witch Hunt”

Adam Schiff walked point by point directly Thru

every Lie from Trump/Republicans. He got such

drilldown specific answers that russia wanted to

help Trump/their campaign welcomed it, Trump

/Others wanted Russian $ and in Trump praisin’

(“Fact Me!”)

Wiki-leaks was “disturbing…..and also subject to

investigation”. The Damaging effects will be epic

Republicans today tried everythin from shooting

the messenger fallacy, to outright makin’ shit up

pretending they were Seconds away from Taking

Muellers “Mask” off to Reveal It’s Actually Hillary

History will not only Judge Them most Harshly it

is likely the end of their political party altogether


The one Thing, they didn’t care about Russia and

our Elections being attacked; this is so fucked up

RIP: Rutger Hauer Has Passed Away At 75. Best known for
His ‘Blade Runner Character’, He Was A Great Actor, Who’ll
Be known For The Hitcher & Great Flick Called Split Second

Have a day!


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