Trump is massively racist. He’s ignorance, hate,

immorality, sociopathic indifference, mixed with


limitless lies. In every racist attack (Not speakin

to “Specific Policy”, But to RACE ALONE Ignoring

reality) he “uses” the Word “infestation” for only

one reason. To dehumanize. What he’s saying is

not remotely true; but racists don’t live In reality

If they did they wouldn’t be racist. This is the 1st

Step in Attempting to silence any Honest Dissent

and blunt Actual Immoral Horrific Policy Criticism

It will have the exact Opposite Effect. This is also

(We Know)

for the most Base of Reasons. Distraction. At no

point Does Trump/Republicans, Want to Discuss

Jeffery Epstein(who will eviscerate both sides in

his downfall), Robert Mueller and Impeachment

drums that are growing loudly. The media’s now

playing Along like the Ad Revenue Assholes They

are now. Journalism Stood for the four W’s (Who

What When Where Why & How) & H. Now, It’s A

WWF Pro-Wrestling Bullshit sludge fest killing us

NOTE: Dan Coats Is Out As NID (National Intelligence Director)
Because, He Told The Truth About Russian Election Interference
And Now, The NEW ‘Partisan Fraud’ Stepping In To Echo Putin &
Trump is John Ratcliffe (Yes, these Villain names are funny as in
a Rat Jumping Off A Cliff) The Results of Unsafe elections is Real
And, This New Partisan Trump Anti-Mueller Fuck’ll, Let It Happen
NOTE II: Another day, Another Shooting. More Death & it’s from
another AR-15. More Guns, cause more Deaths. That, is a reality
Oh & LOOK. Its a Right Wing MAGA racist kid who did it, again!

Have a day!


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