CONway & Flight Risk…

July 17th, 2019

While “Forgotten Vampire Idiot Son”, Eric

Trump is peddling his best “impression of

(Mirror Mirror!)

racist Daddy”; Kellyanne Conway is Doing

her Impression of an immoral asshole shit

in Avoiding hard questions attackin others

In fairness Eric Trump’s 95% bullshit….the

other 5% is catshit. ZING! The reason that

Kellyanne Conway attacked the reporter is

very clear. She/the Entire Republican party

Left Standing Today, Is COMPLICIT & They

don’t want all the consequences that come

with it. Nope, Ya Own it ALL Assholes. And

(<-Sweating it!)

nothing you say/do with change it. Oh and

speaking of idiots, Jeffery Epstein is now a

massive Flight Risk, meaning his “bail” will

likely Be DENIED due to His Wealth and All

his flight Options. The times are a changin’

NOTE: Republicans, Are Having “Racism Problems” That
Are not going away, Ever; and They Deserve everything

Have a day!


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