Bore-Us PM & Racist Crew…

July 23rd, 2019

In England Boris Johnson, AKA “The Mop

Topped Raw Hotdog” was just elected PM

(Lies Bus)

That means he’s only in there to get a No

Deal Hard Brexit. Only problem is they all

already TRIED That Before. Talk About A)

Stupid or B) Stubborn, or C) Both. Ya see

the ENTIRE reason they were Debatin’ for

over 3 Years was to ENSURE there were a

lot more Trade Deals/Assurances In Place

And Now, that’s Done. Speaking of “Done”

White Racist Nationalists Account, For the

MASSIVE Majority Of ‘Domestic’ Terrorist

(We Know)

acts. Well, no, SHIT. ‘Look’ at Their leader

In Orange Racist. This Must Stop NOW!!!!!

Have a day!


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