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2 bombs exploded right at the finish line of the Boston Marathon This is so sad, so vile, so evil, so wrong. The most important thing (the horror) now is this: DON’T RUSH TO JUDGEMENT. We can listen to all the “possibilities”, but let all the facts come in first. The one thing we do […]

Rush Limpballs makes a living being a bigoted, ignorant, hateful asshole seems he takes his job rather seriously these day. All his advertisers have (a moving turd) fled as record speed, and his audience of angry white males who eat lunch in their truck are all dying off. They tune into Archie Bunker so they […]

if you’re a Libertarian, you’re going to LOVE today’s post you also must know that I told you this many months ago (“I fold like origami”) From me: “My prediction: they’ll kick the can down the road, and punt to a later date in the fall. And they will pass something this summer that cuts […]

Brad Paisley & LL Cool J have colborated to make a steaming pile (oh shit, we did bad) of kitten puke. It is like a warm cup of “old man diarrhea” mixed with sulfur & burnt hair. It’s a song about a southern man’s POV and I guess a black man’s POV. Neither seem clear, […]

Turns out Mitch McConnell was going to hammer Judd hard Wait, no. That totally came out wrong. He was actually going (Yes, nice hands…asshole) to hit her a whack-a-mole according to the recorded meeting: “I assume most of you have played the game Whack-a-Mole? (Laughter) this is the Whack-A-Mole period of the campaign ………………when anybody […]

RIP “Iron Lady”. Politics aside, I always admired her for that (well played) That is exactly where it ends. She was a right wing idiot hate machine, who abused the poor, hated others, & created riots Seemed the people told her to F off. Ohhhh &, she had a face made for radio. The ignorance […]

RIP Roger Ebert

April 5th, 2013

writer, movie critic, & Pulitzer prize winner Roger Ebert is dead he was 70 years old, & finally succumbed to cancer. And he leaves (nice specs) behind a the love of his life, his wife Chaz. He came from humble beginnings as the son of union electrician. To become one hell of a film critic. […]

Seem Republican Mark Sanford has no sense of shame or hypocrisy, or character, or family values. See, he just (captain idiot) wants more power, $, & hopes the good people of South Carolina were struck in the head with a hammer & now suffer short term memory loss. The Democrat running against him is “Steven […]

Seems everything’s always bigger in Texas. Hats, trucks, racism (Ga derp) They now have a big problem with the Aryan Brotherhood killing government officials. Texas DA Mike McLelland and his wife, ex- DA Mark Hass, & in another state, it’s Colorado prison chief Tom Clements who were all killed. Each 1 them were supposedly killed […]

by now ya know about Jim Carrey’s hilarious satire video called (suck it!) “Cold Dead Hand” on funnyordie. It seems after FOX did their “Let’s Just Personally Insult Jim Carrey Hate Fest”, Jim Carrey took the time to respond in a Press Release offering his views: Since I released my “Cold Dead Hand” video on […]

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