Brad Paisley & LL Cool J have colborated to make a steaming pile

(oh shit, we did bad)

of kitten puke. It is like a warm cup of “old man diarrhea” mixed

with sulfur & burnt hair. It’s a song about a southern man’s POV

and I guess a black man’s POV. Neither seem clear, and both feel;

well both are horrid stereotypes that don’t represent the whole of

said groups. I say, when addressing race start with an open mind

The lyrics are gut clinchingly bad. Brad is saying “hey, I wear the

rebel flag cause I’m a Skynyrd fan”. Umm, when you wear a Nazi

(“you’re making it worse”)

swastika, or fly a flag with violent racial history…sorry but you’re

displaying your pride, your political views, & your intolerance of

others who aren’t like you. It’s a lightening rod. When you hold it

up during a big ass storm, you’re lucky when you don’t get struck

It’s great to have pride in your heritage, it’s another to foist a flag

that represents racial division, secession, a civil war, and hate for

your fellow countrymen in the north. It literally ignores history,

(“Sorry you don’t feel me”)

& represents a tone deaf ignorance of what that means. Separate

but equal is the very definition of racism/bigotry. “You just leave

us southerners alone, & we’ll do shit our own way”. No, we live in

a country. And it’s even in the fucking title; The UNITED States,

not the “Ohhh fuck off, we want our own state called Southland”

If you can believe it, the song gets worse. Good ol LL Cool J says:

Brad: I’m proud of where I’m from
LL Cool J: (If you don’t judge my gold chains)
Brad: But not everything we’ve done
LL Cool J: (I’ll forget the iron chains)

(take your own advice)

Play this backwards, & you can hear LL singing Negro Spirituals

LL hasn’t been a rational artist for some time, & RIP. He is now a

guy just looking to make a $ on serious racial issues he should be

vested in to make better by listening & isn’t. Seems like they have

the best intentions here; but it is SO bad, so ham fisted, & wrong

It’s not because it tried to get racial with our scars deep in history

It’s just a shitty, shitty, god awful song not even trying to address

(it does)

a very real, very serious divide we have in all America today. You

don’t do it with a song, movie, or book. You can only do it with 1

thing…time. They always say that “time heals all wounds”, & as

John Lennon once famously said, “…And time wounds all heels”

Here’s to never hearing the tone deaf worst shit song of all time

Tomorrow: Anthony Weiner  throws his cock…wait, hat back in

Have a day!

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