2 bombs exploded right at the finish line of the Boston Marathon

This is so sad, so vile, so evil, so wrong. The most important thing

(the horror)

now is this: DON’T RUSH TO JUDGEMENT. We can listen to all

the “possibilities”, but let all the facts come in first. The one thing

we do know is this was a coordinated act of terrorism, & could be

either foreign or domestic. Before we get into this area, we must

accept the sheer horror, terror, seeing all the carnage, & knowing

many were children defies thought. Our hearts break with them

as we all hold our own families, kids, spouses, and lovers a little

(RIP son)

closer today knowing how fortunate we all are. We all stand with

you Boston, you are in our hearts always. Now….to the facts that

we know. Senator Diane Feinstien said, “It is a terrorist incident

it could be foreign, or home grown”. You will hear “some people”

make an incorrect connection with a fire in the JFK Library, and

that is not at all true. Happened the same time, but it was a fire

You will also hear about a “Saudi National” being monitored in

(holy shit)

a hospital being treated for a leg injury. Also, not true. Besides

being illgoical, if you planet bombs, the goal is not to get hit by

them. This is a very important moment in time when we don’t

know who did it & why. The point is this, no matter WHO did

it, we should be upset, angered, & punish the guilty party’s to

the full extent of the law. Some say, it’s Muslim terrorists and

that is a perfectly logical thought process. Some also think it


was by right wing anti-government terrorists. This does make

some sense, & let me tell you why. The event occurred on Tax

Day, & Patriots Day. It also took place in Boston(Tea Party) &

starting location of the Revolutionary War. It also happens to

be the anniversary of the OK City bombing by McVeigh, and

the WACO attacks/Ruby Ridge. Now, BOTH sides will make

this political, and that’s fucking mega stupid. Let all the facts

come in before anyone declares political hay. We can’t over

(you fidiot)

react here, & we can’t under react. Who ever did this should

be given the full weight of justice, & will. No matter if it is a

domestic terrorist, or foreign terrorist. They should both be

treated the exact same way… matter WHO the culprit is

The most incredible thing that came out of this horrid event

was seeing the great people of Boston, running to danger to

help others, finished runners running right to the hospitals

to donate their blood, & the first responders using their own

clothes making a tourniquet to stop bleeding. We’re strong &

this sad event only proves to make us all stronger as a nation

together. And know this, all the racist hate I’m reading in the

internet comment sections, makes we weep for that ignorant

hate by some of the White Supremacist racists in our society

who only to watch our world burn instead of come together

The final death toll is 3, the injured 176. We won’t forget it

Have a day!

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