Seems everything’s always bigger in Texas. Hats, trucks, racism

(Ga derp)

They now have a big problem with the Aryan Brotherhood killing

government officials. Texas DA Mike McLelland and his wife, ex-

DA Mark Hass, & in another state, it’s Colorado prison chief Tom

Clements who were all killed. Each 1 them were supposedly killed

by the Aryan Brotherhood. Odd, Republican politicians all scream

(nice bike after 5 DUI’s)

“The Muslim Brotherhood is gonna get us”. Ahem, how about the

actual Aryan ones killing people on our own home soil you idiots

All racists of any kind are massive turds who need to be flush and

quickly. There is only one race, the human race. All these hateful

violent ass’s will get put down faster than $ at a poker table. The

(yes they did)

best way to handle all the hateful racists, is shine a light on them

It does more to expose them. Why do you think they hide on-line

under sock accounts with no information. Cause they’re cowards

Have a day!

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