Turns out Mitch McConnell was going to hammer Judd hard

Wait, no. That totally came out wrong. He was actually going

(Yes, nice hands…asshole)

to hit her a whack-a-mole according to the recorded meeting:

“I assume most of you have played the game Whack-a-Mole?
(Laughter) this is the Whack-A-Mole period of the campaign
………………when anybody sticks there head up, do them out”

Guess “do them out” is end them quickly. Must be a Kentucky

thing, but it sounds like the damn mob ready to “whack you”

(what the shell?!?!)

They were also going to bring up “mental health” against her:

“but she is emotionally unbalanced. It has been documented
Jesse can go chapter & verse in her autobiography about, you
know, she suffered some suicidal tendencies……………she was
hospitalized for 42 days when she had a mental breakdown in
the 90’s, umm Phil Maxin found this *shows clip*(Laughter)”

Look, these are not evil things. It is part of politics in today’s

world. They are ALL fair game to me. Just keeping it real on

the facts. BUT mocking her mental health is pretty sad & not

going to play well to the good people of Kentucky. The bottom

line’s they got caught with their pants down acting exactly like

what the US thinks of the GOP today. A pile of “Big Assholes”

(Ha ha ha)

in a room laughing behind our back. Say what you will of D’s

& I do OFTEN here. They are pussy’s, some are owned by big

business, & some are bendable “fart whistles”. But you do not

see this kind of douchey vile hate. They don’t want to just win,

they seem to truly honestly “hate” the other party. Wow, how

…expected and sad. The spin down the toilet continues faster

His response to these tapes hitting Judd? Mitch said, “Well as
you know last month my wife’s ethnicity was attacked by a left
wing group in Kentucky, and then apparently they also ahhhhh
bugged my headquarters……………………… I that pretty well
sums up the way the political left is opporating in Kentucky”

He repeated the exact same shit 3 different time to reporters

Ahhh I see Mitch’s defense of doing something sneaky & bad

is using the old “Well Billy does bad shit too!”. Ummmm, hey

dick bag. It’s bad when anyone does crap like this; but see…

YOU have to answer for being a mega dick, & clearly will not

My New Favorite Republican

Wait, what? Did the earth stop spinning?!? Are we at end of

days?!? Nope, it’s just shocking when a Republican makes a

(Pat “It’s Not A” Toomey)

very valid cogent point. It’s so fucking rare I have to tell you

about it. Senator Pat Toomey from Penn decided to say this:

“I’m a gun owner, and the rights enshrined in the 2nd
amendment are very very
important to me personally, as I
know they are to so many people across Pennsylvania.
record shows this. I’m gonna tell you candidly. I don’t consider
criminal background
checks to be gun control. I think it’s just
common sense. If you pass a criminal background
check, you
get to buy a gun, it’s no problem. It’s the people who fail a criminal
or mental
health background check that we don’t want having guns”

BOOM! That’s valid, true, & will get this man re-elected there

Also, big time hats off to you good sir. A Republican I can now

admire…unless he next tries to tell all of us evolution is a myth

Have a day!

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