Rush Limpballs makes a living being a bigoted, ignorant, hateful asshole

seems he takes his job rather seriously these day. All his advertisers have

(a moving turd)

fled as record speed, and his audience of angry white males who eat lunch

in their truck are all dying off. They tune into Archie Bunker so they hear

about how the “white guys” are now magically all victims of a society that

discriminates against them daily in favor of women, gays, blacks, liberals

Latino’s, teachers, immigrants, or any other “minority group” who is not

rolling over & now standing up for equal protection under the law. Oh the

(yes, we know)

horror. Poooooooooooor poor white males lost all their power to oppress

others. Boooo fucking hoooo. As a white male myself, I don’t know what

their experiences have been, but being white is pretty kickass. I don’t get

pulled over needlessly, and don’t get followed in the grocery store for no

damn reason, and I get a LOT of call backs on job interviews. But they do

not live in reality. They live in their racial hate bubble. It is like….a radio

“fireside chat” for fact free morons & racists. Well, the talking anus who


makes a living out of fake outrage & being a fat-ass subhuman troll is at

it again. He “mocked” the Sandy Hook families speaking on gun control:

“They’re trying to turn the Newtown parents into a dozen Cindy Sheehan’s
in a way…’s what the Democrats do, folks. They always try to hide their
agendas behind women & children, &, most of all, victims. So the Newtown
parents are human shields, in a sense. The Newtown parents are out there
to protect the Democrats from any criticism & shut it down. Pure & simple”

yes, attacking the families of murdered children in the WORST domestic

shooting incident invloving children in our nations entire fucking history

There’s something so very desperate, weak, & pathetic about it. It reeks of

(“you’re a dick”)

a Hail-Mary in a long career of hate & ignorance seeking relevance. Once

Rush is long gone, his listeners might grow up, have families of their own

& never remember the days they agreed with hate. Then again, maybe not

Taxes, Taxes, Taxi’s!

Two things that are a certainty in life: death, & spring break STD’s. Ohhh

wait, taxes. It’s “taxes”. My bad. We all hate them, and we all hate paying


but it’s been around since forever, & it makes our society run. Just wish

it ran a little more efficiently & shit. That way, we pay for the important

stuff we need, & cut the wasteful shit we don’t. Like a Post Office/Roads

& SS are good. Insane wars in Iraq that last forever, corporate welfare,

& kick backs to lobbyists are not. Meh, hopefully you get a refund this

year. Me……the only refunds I ever get are when I get “food poisoning”

Have a day!

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