RIP Roger Ebert

April 5th, 2013

writer, movie critic, & Pulitzer prize winner Roger Ebert is dead

he was 70 years old, & finally succumbed to cancer. And he leaves

(nice specs)

behind a the love of his life, his wife Chaz. He came from humble

beginnings as the son of union electrician. To become one hell of

a film critic. He also wrote three screenplays. The dudes blog was

a work of art. He loved to write, and we loved to read it all. Roger

was larger than life. No seriously, the guy was pretty fat too. But


through it all, he had a way with understanding filmĀ  in a way no

other person did. It was like he knew all the stories that mattered

most to us and why. Once I saw the “two thumbs up” I knew I was

in for such an exciting new world that was written & acted so well

thumbs up… made the world a much more interesting place

Have a weekend!

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