RIP “Iron Lady”. Politics aside, I always admired her for that

(well played)

That is exactly where it ends. She was a right wing idiot hate

machine, who abused the poor, hated others, & created riots

Seemed the people told her to F off. Ohhhh &, she had a face

made for radio. The ignorance of her character was unmatched

(didn’t fuck for votes)

The only sad news, Meryl Streep has now played almost every

female character……..leaving only Madonna and Beyonce left

Rutgers B-ball Coach Mike Rice Not Very Nice

Well, just leave it to the FOX Noise nutters to side with a big

assbullyprickbag. They SIDED with Mike Rice, then decided

(“I’m an abusive taint”)

to blame the “players” for not leaving if they wanted, and for

the whistle blower who told on him. The batshitinsane train

keeps on chuggin along while collecting $, & then eventually

dropping them off in the middle of nowhere. Now these poor

sad viewers’ll be left scratching their heads with their thumb

up their asses wondering what happened. Well…… were


suckered, coned, grifted, fucked over by liars. So if you don’t

pay attention, people’ll sucker you early & often. And it’s sad

FOX’s Erik Bolling said: “This story kind of infuriates me, we’re
in the midst of political correctness crushing out ability to teach
kids, to discipline kids, to disagree with people, one another, or
kids. Our culture’s in decline, but it’s an example of our culture
in free fall…listen it’s time to toughen up, I’ve talked about the
“wussifcation” of America, are we better off as a nation now with
all the “PC” all the “wimpafying” making men Chihuahua’s?”

someone should go on the set, start shoving him, hurling basket

balls & personal insults while he’s trying to do his job. When he

gets upset screaming, “HEY, stop now. Just what do you are you´╗┐

doing?”. You must then shout, “You PC pussy!”, & then keep on

decking him in the face until he’s unconscious, or stops moving

Hannity: “And I’m watching this & I’m thinking, alright I don’t
it, he kicked one player there, but on the other hand, you
know what
I kinda like old fashioned on the other hand…sports
is so competitive
today…that he’s trying to bring the best out of
them, put discipline in
that team, raise their game, force them to
focus, push them to become
to champions; & that takes intensity
It’s like a drill sergeant, are we
gonna now fire drill sergeant
because they’re too intense………I could
understand ‘stop hitting
them’ maybe…maybe we need a little more
discipline in society,
& maybe we don’t have to be a bunch of wimps…
my father hit
me with a belt, I turned out OK…and you turned out OK”


No, you didn’t. That’s why your show in the cable guide is listed

as “Dumb Old Guy Shouts At You For An Hour With Hate & Lies”

Have a day!

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