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While Trumps Tries to “Spin” His Genocide of the Kurds (Psssst, it’s not Working) one (Yep) more Rudy Buddy was Just arrested today AGAIN, At the Airport. Oooooooooooooops Old Rudy, Is Next up to be arrested. Might want 2 grab his Passport quickly before he tries to flee. And today, in the House there was […]

Hope you Enjoyed your day off yesterday my good People! Me, had To Work On A New Big (Like a Boss!) project coming up. And as the world burns it becomes “clearer” by the day Trump & crew are all Going Down. It starts with Rudy. He’ll be arrested in the Coming Days. And he […]

Testimony, Taxes & Tick Tock…

October 11th, 2019

Former Ambassador to The Ukraine, who was terminated Without Cause for the 2 guys who (Came to drop bombs) are currently indicted in jail spokeout against Trump, those crooks & his cabinet. Oooooops The Polls are getting Worse for Trumpy every singleday. It’s now up to 52% favor removin’ him From office By ‘Impeachment’. And […]

In what can only be called the beginning of the End for Trump & His Cabinet, Two (<-Crimes) were ARRESTED Today At Dulles, while trying to “flee” the country. So now get this; They BOTH Worked With/For Rudy Giuliani, Pence, Trump, & Don Jr, About (DRUM ROLLLL) Getting Some UKRAINE dirt on The Biden’s. Ohhhhhhhhhhh […]

In what can only be called Hateful pay back in leaving a massive ally to slaughter in the (“Kill em”) Kurds; Today is a DARK day for freedom & an even worse day for our Military promise to other countries. Don the Con had simply told Allies to FUCK OFF. That is bad for our […]

Sondland was a No show. And now the WH just sent Out a Letter To Pelosi/Shiff/Cummings and (He Gone!) it simply yells at them “We are obstructing now” Yes, ya read the correctly. The entire reason for the Impeachment Inquiry which he already said he Did, His/WH/DOJ’s Big “Plan”, Is to Obstruct Justice. That’s like […]

As Orange Idiot Implodes before his Inevitable Impeachment; things Are Getting Worse every (Oooops) single day. He just Told our Allies the Kurds to fuck off & die. Literally. He is handing over em to Turkey’s violent dictator Erdogan to just Die This is Immoral, it’s insane, it has pissed of R’s and Solely AIDS […]

Impeachment Polls are Rising, at light speed And Republicans, except Sasse/Rob Johnson (American Voter!) are All HIDING from All these Criminal, legal, realities for Trump causing his Impeachment Why?!?! Well, Because like a guy in a life raft walkin Around with metal spikes, he’s fucked Texts between leaders in the White house all clearly State […]

While Orange Anus Commits More Acts Of Impeachment crimes in “real time” on the (“I’m criming here!”) lawn of the White House; he’s Hoping that he can just “normalize” his criminal illegal acts. Nope. Not gonna work. His “Criming” is now Public spectacle, which is speeding up his exit way ‘faster’ than was Expected And […]

While Breaking News of Bernie Sanders going to the ER for chest pains breaks (not to worry (Biff!) he is OK) we have the Arkham Asylum Of the Criminally Inept legally Ensurin’ they’re all so going to jail & worse. Now Mike “what call?!?” Pompeo just Admitted he was ON the fucking Call. Oh Boy! […]

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