Sondland was a No show. And now the WH just

sent Out a Letter To Pelosi/Shiff/Cummings and

(He Gone!)

it simply yells at them “We are obstructing now”

Yes, ya read the correctly. The entire reason for

the Impeachment Inquiry which he already said

he Did, His/WH/DOJ’s Big “Plan”, Is to Obstruct

Justice. That’s like a criminal about to be caught

deciding “While waitin to be charged, I’m gonna

go Commit MORE crimes!”. A Bold move and by

“Bold”, I Mean “Fucking Moronic”. If, The House

‘Issues’ Subpoena’s; And, The WH/DOJ/DOD All

(We’re Here)

ignore or don’t Comply the correct legal move is

to now get the Sargent At Arms and Arrest them

until they Comply with A lawful order. These are

serious Charges. The “Usual” Trump stuff will be

met With SERIOUS Legal Consequences. Oooops

NOTE: The Kangaroo Clowns Are The Republican F Team
And This Was Historically Embarrassing. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
NOTE II: Republican Southern belle battered wife Lindsay
Graham Wants Rudy G To Testify Under Oath. The Turn?
We don’t know Yet. It’d Make sense after Syria. We’ll See

Have a day!


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