Impeachment Polls are Rising, at light speed

And Republicans, except Sasse/Rob Johnson

(American Voter!)

are All HIDING from All these Criminal, legal,

realities for Trump causing his Impeachment

Why?!?! Well, Because like a guy in a life raft

walkin Around with metal spikes, he’s fucked

Texts between leaders in the White house all

clearly State Squid GoPro. Wait, sorry that Is

Quid Pro Quo. They Confirm his crime that is

already A Crime to Just “Ask”. This Tit for Tat

shit Is Extra. And Rump Decided to Go on TV


again Today, About His Ukraine Call/More to

say “I have a right to do that!”. No, ya don’t

fuckstick. And Now, as all The Kings Men get

measured for their “Overdue Corrupt Nooses”

Pence, Pompeo & Barr will be the Next to fall

And The WH’s ONLY Strategy? “Stall” Any Of

documents The House Asks for. Ah, that’d be

Obstruction adding another Charge. Ooooops

NOTE: CIA Head Lawyer Made A “Criminal Referral” To
Now Get This; The DOJ. Barr & others ‘Decided’ Not to
Open One. Ohhhhhh boy. This means Barr get jail time
NOTE: Jussie Smollett Judge Allows Conflict Of Interest
Attorney Remain On The Special Prosecutor Case. WTF?

Have a weekend!


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