While Breaking News of Bernie Sanders going

to the ER for chest pains breaks (not to worry


he is OK) we have the Arkham Asylum Of the

Criminally Inept legally Ensurin’ they’re all so

going to jail & worse. Now Mike “what call?!?”

Pompeo just Admitted he was ON the fucking

Call. Oh Boy! And, While Every Republican Is

finding out The Orange Titanic is Sinking Way

faster than a Hole Ridden Raft Filled with lead

he’s did 2 press conferences, that Derailed so

badly, it looked like a child tryin’ to deny they

didn’t Eat the Cake, with frosting all over their

(We Know)

faces, Cake Covered Fingers, loudly chewin’ it

The President of Finland, Was Left Looking At

him As If He Wanted to “Eject” from the room

His nicknames, Games, Gas Lighting, lies, and

usual Trump Babbling bs make him look more

GUILTY against Dire Legal Criminal facts. Well

mostly because HE IS. And, all His Distraction

“Games” actually now really speedup dire legal

Consequences against these “overtly” damning

facts. The People Directly Involved In This Call

will Need to legally recuse themselves from the


proceedings….or now be LEGALLY Charged for

abetting/Obstructing these exact Same Crimes

At no point in the rich history both good & bad

of our country….has anything remotely like this

ever happened; all while Putty Putin’s mocking

His/Rumps Election Meddling in “Our Elections”

NOTE: Guilty Verdict in the Amber Guyer Murder Trial, And
Now Sentencing begins. YES! The start of a New day dawns
Did Not See that coming. Oh & It Turns out, she’s racist AF
NOTE II: Trumps “Financial Criminal Charges” Are Now Just
Starting To Get Worse. Yes, If that’s even Possible It is now
Going To Legally Get Worse, For Him With ‘criminal charges’

Have a day!


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