While Orange Anus Commits More Acts Of

Impeachment crimes in “real time” on the

(“I’m criming here!”)

lawn of the White House; he’s Hoping that

he can just “normalize” his criminal illegal

acts. Nope. Not gonna work. His “Criming”

is now Public spectacle, which is speeding

up his exit way ‘faster’ than was Expected

And Trump/Republicans/GOP ‘Donors’ are

not remotely PREPARED for These Events

by their non-responses/denial of objective

Criminal/Legal Facts. While ‘Today’ Volker

(Yes it is!)

spills the beans on the hill, VP Mike Pence

is now on the hot seat for helping Trumpy

With The Ukraine Crime. Oooooooooooops

He’s Trying to say “Oh, right. The crimes I

was helping with…well I didn’t really even

know I was “criming” at all”. Ignorance of

the Law Doesn’t ever Excuse any Criminal

from the consequences of breaking it. And

lastly, with his impeachment fait accompli

Republicans/Politicians are all Doing Their

best to IGNORE these Damning Facts, but

(We Know)

it’s Not “working”. The Press, Just Has to

PRESSING Trump to answer this question

“What did you want President Zelensky to

do with regard to Joe & Hunter Biden?!??”

He Didn’t Answer. And He ‘STILL’ has Not

answered this. Hammer him on this Daily!

NOTE: Rudy G Has Been Talking ‘With’ Paul Manafort A
LOT. Geeeeeeee, Felons Of A Feather all Crime together

Have a day!


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