In what can only be called the beginning

of the End for Trump & His Cabinet, Two


were ARRESTED Today At Dulles, while

trying to “flee” the country. So now get

this; They BOTH Worked With/For Rudy

Giuliani, Pence, Trump, & Don Jr, About


dirt on The Biden’s. Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy

They are all, going, DOWN now. And the

FBI Just couldn’t have been more Pissed

OFF they are At this Treasonous Lawless

(FBI Pissed!)

shit on Every level. You got the House in

full legal Impeachment inquiry mode, an

FBI Making Arrests, An FEC Swinging at

partisan R’s & an SDNY will just move to

pounce/unseal. Indictments will be flyin’

out at a recordpace now along with more

House Subpoenas and next up are Pence,

Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo & Mr Sondland

They’re ALL going to jail. And there is no

shot at Escape. They have openly tried to


criminally effect all our counties national

elections. And orange idiots best defense

is “Oh I don’t know them!”. The pictures,

the Clear Connections, The $ & whatever

the FBI has on a Wire, will end his Entire

Presidency and his freedom. Jail, jail, jail

NOTE: Orange Idiot Lashes Out At FOX News Poll
That says 51% want Impeachment and its rapidly
Climbing. Oh Boy, He’s Not Gonna Like the Future
NOTE II: Reporters CORRECTLY Actually Do Their
Jobs. Just demanding legal answers always works

Have a day!


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