As Orange Idiot Implodes before his Inevitable

Impeachment; things Are Getting Worse every


single day. He just Told our Allies the Kurds to

fuck off & die. Literally. He is handing over em

to Turkey’s violent dictator Erdogan to just Die

This is Immoral, it’s insane, it has pissed of R’s

and Solely AIDS Putin/Russia. Republicans are

now breaking with him. On Just this?!?! Ohhhh

I see. The “Non-stop Crimes” were OK, but this

is now Too Far?! Republicans Must Now Choose

It’s either they accept his Crimes, his instability

(Bye Bye)

& push back saving a sliver of their party…….or

attach themselves to him sinking into the abyss

Not much hope for them now. Nowhere To Hide

And more WH Subpoena’s Hit. Meaning, if They

ignore Them, Sargent At Arms, “ARREST THEM”

NOTE: Courts Demand Trumps Taxes. This Is A BIG Loss
For Trump. And Even The Stay Ruled On Later In The day
Won’t Save Him Now. It’s Just Allowing An Appeal. Ooops

Have a day!


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