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Never let it be said, that I wasn’t Megadeth fan a little in the 80’s Because I was. I liked one song. One. Now I have to take a shower (Human asshole) to get the “carney unclean” off. At a concert Dave decided to say: “My president, who’s trying to pass a gun ban, so […]

What’s LTS you ask? Oh simple. My new internet term that you can use It means “Loses Their Shit”. It is awesome. You can now swear without all the fuss of being hassled now. Pretty cool huh? What did Biden say? (“Wide left!”) “He(Mitt) said in the first hundred days, he’s going to let the […]

The Great MediScare Lie…

August 15th, 2012

Look, I am no Obama apologist. In fact my laundry list is long: -Fucked up not closing Gitmo -Wrongly extended the Bush Tax Cuts -Didn’t get single payer Healthcare Reform -NSA wire tapping still in effect -Promised to end lobbyists reign -Promised Wall Street Reform(Dodd Frank sucks!) -Promised minimum wage increase Face it, he was […]

His ideas are pretty fucking simple. Cut all government programs By 2050 91% of government would end under his budget plan. 91% (The path is “up yours”) Fuck the middle class, the poor, old people, college kids, students, unemployed, CIA, jobless, veterans, or anyone aside from the top 3%, corporations, or all banks. We cut […]

Mitt Witt Picks A Twit

August 13th, 2012

We’ve been waiting for a while, but Mitt finally picked a wiener *Horrible drum roll poorly played by an skinny tired old man* (Oh boy) Mitt picked: “Eddie Munster”, AKA Wisconsin’s dude Paul Ryan Ryan is a good looking young man who has been in office since 1999. But now, get this. He’s ready to […]

One of the better comedies of the year. Well, when you let us comics loose to mock the world of politics, you get this magical combination (It’s ON) It’s like mixing peanut butter with chocolate, or captain with coke We live in it, we’re built for it, we love it. It’s pretty much just like […]

Chick-Fil-No Gays?!?!?!

August 8th, 2012

People on both sides of this issue are idiots. The employee’s have nothing to do with the ignorance of the owner Dan Cathy. But wait? (“Hi, I’m a POS”) Who? You can’t get a more uber lesbian name than sweat pants wearing, ice cream eating, comic strip character like……….Kathy (“AAAKKKKK”) He is the CEO, and […]

NASA’s Nebula Nerdgasim

August 7th, 2012

A white-knuckle plunge through the red planet’s atmosphere finally saw our mars Rover land safely on the surface. Causing this reaction (“High 5 bitches!”) It seems NASA now stands for “Nerds Always Shout Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” They just safely landed a 1 ton big-ass tank car on the surface of mars so it’s no wonder they get […]

This is not a funny post today. It’s not comedy. It’s dead fucking serious In what FBI agents are now calling a heinous act of “domestic terrorism” A heavy white bald male covered with many racist tattoos, walked into a (supremacist cross) Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin and opened fire. He started shooting in […]

FOX’s New Fall Line-up…

August 3rd, 2012

“Chug This Glass Of Sh#t”. Soon to be followed by: (Wrong FOX) -“Plane Full Of Whores” -“Pants Filled With Scorpions” -“Kick Your Cheating Spouse In The Crotch” -“Crushing Your Kids Dreams” And finally “Hell’s Kitchen 673” Reality TV should be taken to a place where creepy angry drifters hang out (Oh, it’s real) Leave em […]

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