The Great MediScare Lie…

August 15th, 2012

Look, I am no Obama apologist. In fact my laundry list is long:

-Fucked up not closing Gitmo
-Wrongly extended the Bush Tax Cuts
-Didn’t get single payer Healthcare Reform
-NSA wire tapping still in effect
-Promised to end lobbyists reign
-Promised Wall Street Reform(Dodd Frank sucks!)
-Promised minimum wage increase

Face it, he was like a guy trying to get us into bed, so he told us

he was a CEO. Turns out that he’s just the regional manager at

(“Oh baby”)

Best Buy. Sure he’s smart & responsible. But you just never over

promise. Wrote about it all here a while back if you’d like to see

But for shit sake, focus on this crap that he messed up. But oh no

let’s go & make shit up Republican’s. Republican’s DON’T CARE

(“You knuckle heads”)

They never have, & they never will. The lies will get bigger, and

the days will get longer. But here’s WHY they can’t focus on that

Well, cause Paul Ryan actually voted for the opposite of all those

-He voted YES for Gitmo to be created
-Voted YES to create the Bush Tax Cuts & extend them
-Voted YES to Medicare Part D, but NO to AHCA
-He voted YES to create the NSA warrantless wire taps
-He voted YES to ease restrictions on lobbyists
-He voted YES on the repeal of Glass Steagall, & CMA
-He voted NO to increase the minimum wage
-He voted YES on the Iraq war

See, when Bush was in power. Whatever Bush wanted, Paul did

(“Forget THAT Paul Ryan”)

If that meant to spend like crazy, then cool. Boss wants it, he gets

it. But now, “all spending is BAD”. Oh, what changed? A new guy

was elected. The moment he was elected, “He’s irresponsible! Not

ME WHO SPENT IT!”. The old “raid the cookie jar, then when the

littler sister comes in for the broken ones, scream, “She ate them,


the little fat whore!” crazy ass lying trick. Oh, & that makes sense

to a concussed short term memory sufferer with large blinders on

Well, they can’t use facts, cause all the facts are against them. So

then it’s on to lying, and lying big. Their latest lie is this whooper:

“That Obama stole $700 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund!!!”

*Gasp, horror, hands over mouth*

(Aw shit no!)

Only problem is that it is a mega lie. It’s not a “cut”. A cut is when

your plan needs all that $, but it goes away forever. The CBO said:

“From 2013-20 22 the health care law affected Medicare will save

$716 billion”. That’s from the savings of new people on roles for

AHCA starting. But they didn’t even mention that. Unless they all

(Pants on fire)

assume the Affordable Healthcare Act is now repealed. Then it’d

be true if something that helps people is ended. I think I got it…..

The GOP decision makers all got together for their usual drinking

of children’s blood when they figured Romney wasn’t going to win

They needed a shitty side-kick to “take one for the team” with all

(GOP meeting)

future promises of “we won’t forget this kid, it’s all yours in like

25 years”. Problem is, there won’t even be an actual GOP by then

Chad “OchoSinko”

Seems like the world’s falling apart for the now ex-Dolphins wide

receiver. He was arrested, fired, and divorced all in 24 hours. Shit,

(“Wait, I was what?”)

talk about a game changing play. I guess he “head butted his wife”

or what New Jersey husbands call a Tuesday. She then asked for a

divorce. I can’t see how this didn’t all work out? They were married

for all of 41 days. They lost their new reality show about he & his ex

(“I’m a pretty whore”)

THIS is what’s fucking wrong with our society. The guy needs help

And his wife tried marriage like people try a new menu item. And

he is such a lose screw that he lost 4 things in 24 hours, including

his fucking mind. Too much, too fast = this sad odd shit. They do

not deserve our admiration. They both deserve our pity & sadness

(“I’ll imagine a ball”)

Meh, either way the Dolphins head coach fired him but good on

film for the series Hard Knocks on HBO. It’s like watching a man

kick a box of kittens each one by one. Then for the final act of his

defiance, he pulls out a crying baby. The bumper comes up “Next

week on Men Kicking Babies For Distance” with a maniacal laugh

Have a day!

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