This is not a funny post today. It’s not comedy. It’s dead fucking serious

In what FBI agents are now calling a heinous act of “domestic terrorism”

A heavy white bald male covered with many racist tattoos, walked into a

(supremacist cross)

Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin and opened fire. He started shooting

in the parking lot, then went inside. He shot & killed 6 people, & was shot

himself by police. He was a white supremacist named Wade Michael Page

He was an Army veteran, with a less than honorable discharge & demoted

(on left: pure hate)

Let’s not forget that Sikh’s have nothing what-so-ever to do with Muslims

so aside from his ignorant Muslim hate lies, he didn’t even pick his target

Let’s not forget that things like this are rooted in massive ignorance. Let’s

not forget that our ignorant poisoned politicians like Michelle Bachmann

(Your hate sucks)

are stoking this vile sickness by implying Muslims are infesting all levels

of our government with no proof at all just lies. Let’s not forget it is still

illegal to shout “fire” in a crowed theater, or incite idiots to violent acts

If anyone in our society uses their jobs, money, or power attempting to

incite hateful racist assholes to act on their views, you are just as guilty

(These pricks like me)

You historically clueless assclowns didn’t learn a fucking thing from our

civil war. Nothing. I offer these 3 words to you cautiously: “bring it on”

If you think you can terrorize other American citizens, “bring it on”. If

you want to “physically act on your hate” in a modern society, “bring it

on”. But most importantly, if you think every other rational person will

(His racist hate band)

just sit here taking it without dropping you like a bad habit, “bring it on”

Hate doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It needs re-enforcement, & lies to exist

History’s not on your side. See, we got an Army, a Navy, an Airforce, &

a Marines. We also have drones, Seal Team 6, the FBI, the CIA, & even

(Senseless horror)

cool clandestine agencies you’ve never heard of. All you got is tattoo’s,

hate, ignorance, lies, a few guns & internet. To that I say, “bring it on”

Captain America said, “I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies,

don’t care where they’re from”. Let’s face it, that’s all racists really are

(You’re done!)

This post isn’t for the vast majority of sane Americans from all walks

of life, with different religious, & political views. It’s solely for racists

& all far right wing nut jobs hell bent on xenophobic hateful violence

Just know this: I’m coming for you. All of you. Not to hurt you…..but

expose you, make others take note of you, & let all others judge your

hate, lies, evil actions, & sickness. I’ll use your own words to end you

(It’s over!)

The best disinfectant for evil hateful assholes like you is sunlight. It

exposes exactly what you all are: nothing….you’re less than nothing

If you try this hateful shit again. We shall all rise, together, stronger

To ensure your time in the US has ended. It’s over, you’re on notice

Have a day!

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