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Super Sucky Committee

November 16th, 2011

This Super Committee is like screaming children in suits (Awesomely dysfunctional!) But it still beats the “Titty Bitty Titty Committee” by a mile You have Republicans who refuse to raise taxes on the rich You have Democrats who are asking to raise taxes on the rich (Wrong Committee) That’s basically the problem, but I’ll bet […]

The 1 Minute Libya Blankout

November 15th, 2011

It seems Cain can’t answer basic foreign policy questions What happened you ask? Well a reporter politely asked him, (Goodbye everyone!) “So do you agree with President Obama on Libya or not?” This is what happened in all it’s splendor for you to enjoy Forget he repeats the word “Libya” or that it takes 12 […]

Penn State? Try State Penn

November 14th, 2011

Why would you even play the game at all this weekend? Why I ask? (No, you’re not) Oh, because people need their fix. Tap the arm. Give the shot It’s become more drug than sport. It’s fun. The blood pumps The circle prayer was nice for the players to show a sign (Wrong sign) But […]

Famous Boogers

November 11th, 2011

You wouldn’t think so, but they do exist (Lohan “coke” booger) They’re giddy greenish globs of celebrity gold baby And they’re all salty & delightful. Try on an Elvis booger (Glorious) But you ask, was it young hot hip moving Elvis Or fat bloated pants suit 70’s Elvis? (That booger has a fass) Oh, looking […]

Master Debaters Clusterfuckery

November 10th, 2011

Last night was the Republican debate hosted by CNBC It was supposed to be a debate on the global economy (Yep) But every Republican only wanted to talk about our domestic economy With 3 ideas: tax cuts, cut all spending, & cut all levels of government (Tried it from 2001-08) That’s it. We played a […]

His press conference was almost like a bizarre comedy sketch All you needed under it was an erratic Theremin score playing (Awesome) Shit, you could actually redo the whole thing word for word Dress Cain & his silly lawyer in big silly clown costumes Then the reporters should be dressed as huge rats with pens […]

Fidot Triples Down On Stupid

November 8th, 2011

Cain will publicly address the charges from Sharon Bialek (Suck this!) *Cue clowns shooting out of a tiny car to circus music* He’s doing it today at 3pm MST in Phoenix Arizona I’d like to thank Cain in advance for all this material (Always funny) It’s like watching a plate spinner with no motor skills […]

“Give A Job, To Get A Job”

November 7th, 2011

The Cain Train’s hand is now caught in the “Nookie” jar A 4th woman has come forward about the harassment (No Black Wallnut) In fact, she held a press conference today at 1:30pm Her name is Sharon Bialek. She’s a registered Tea Party Republican (Allred dishes) A warm, attractive, top heavy blond, & has serious […]

Judge Adams Mega Fuckhole

November 4th, 2011

When an abusers abuse becomes public, the same steps happen They deny it ever happened. Sorry fidiot, tape doesn’t lie (But you do) Then they downplay the event itself with “It’s looked worse” Then, comes the prick coup de gras; blame the victim or abused Right on que Judge William Adams lawyer makes his statement: […]

Brawl In The Family

November 3rd, 2011

Was also going to title it “Biggest Sadist Asshole Bully Ever” (They do) Meh, the 1st title had a ring to it. FYI-this story isn’t funny What if I told you a father, who’s a sitting Texas family law judge Decided to abusively badly beat his daughter saying horrible things? You wouldn’t believe me right? […]

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