Brawl In The Family

November 3rd, 2011

Was also going to title it “Biggest Sadist Asshole Bully Ever”

(They do)

Meh, the 1st title had a ring to it. FYI-this story isn’t funny

What if I told you a father, who’s a sitting Texas family law judge

Decided to abusively badly beat his daughter saying horrible things?

You wouldn’t believe me right? He did. He’s Judge William Adams

(Captain Asshole)

But what if I also told you that the mother was there & helped

Was also verbally abusive, smacked her once, & was an assistant

Welcome to Texas folks. Population “You’re Gitting Ass Whupped”

Warning, this is not easy to watch. It made me emotionally angry

(Yes, the dad)

It’s horrific, sad, disgusting, & caused irreversible damage. Here

When he comes in 1 minute later after already beating her & says

“I never got my lick in on her, git on your fucking stomach on the bed NOW”

I got chills at the pure hate, evil, enjoyment, & soulless sociopath tone

(So is jail)

This all happened back in 2004. The girl is Hillary Adams & she’s disabled

She has ataxic cerebral palsy, which “led her to a passion for technology”

(Hillary today)

She waited 7 years, because she was still a minor under his roof

She did this because he shouldn’t be a sitting judge & needs help

When finally reached for comment, Abuser McFuckhole said:

(Nutjob psycho)

“I lost my temper, spanked her, her mother was there, she wasn’t hurt,

it was a long time ago. In my mind I didn’t do anything other than

discipline my child after she was caught stealing on her computer”

When asked “Do you accept the spanking or beating was excessive?”

The dad sheepishly drawls, “Naw, I’m not gonna get into that”

(Sit & spin)

You need a license to drive, to own or carry a gun, to build a house,

and to get married. But any two fucking douchebags can have a kid

The mom is now saying she was “brain washed” & “controlled”

She & Hillary were on the Today show. She has since divorced him

(Mom sucks)

I understand, but watching that video it’s hard to see it. She’s bad

He says: “Fucking computer, I told you I didn’t even want one in the

goddamn house. See all the problems they cause?”

Here’s a thought. Let’s set him up on a blind date with 20 big felon’s

(I can take him)

Who love computers, programming, using them, & work on them

Then let’s all have him give that speech again. Betcha he doesn’t

How about we drop him right in the bear cage at the zoo

After starving them for 2 months, & put steaks in his pants?

He should be removed from the bench NOW. He’s mentally unfit


He should never be allowed anywhere near children for this

How do I know? If she could feel this coming enough to tape it

It’s happened before a lot of fucking times. Only difference was


He was caught on tape this time. He should be in jail. Period!

Sadly this happens in houses all over w/o being taped…

Have a day!

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