Super Sucky Committee

November 16th, 2011

This Super Committee is like screaming children in suits

(Awesomely dysfunctional!)

But it still beats the “Titty Bitty Titty Committee” by a mile

You have Republicans who refuse to raise taxes on the rich

You have Democrats who are asking to raise taxes on the rich

(Wrong Committee)

That’s basically the problem, but I’ll bet it never gets solved

Until the Democrats fold like a coked-up kid doing origami

Republican “Tan Man” Jon Boehner clearly said their stance,


“It’s important for us to, in my opinion, reform the tax code.

And we’ve got the highest business tax rate in the world”

Forget that most corporations don’t PAY THEM due to loopholes

(I didn’t know)

Shit, GE paid NO TAXES last year. 0, thanks to fucknut Obama

Who ended up asking the CEO to head his financial committee

That rate is never paid because corporations lobby for loopholes

It’d be like a hip new night club setting their cover charge at $38

(K-Well-Fed is performing)

But with a guest list now start letting a lot in for free or pay $10

It’s totally fucking meaningless in the simplest of terms

They want lower taxes. Maybe they haven’t seen our coffers


They’re empty, & have cobwebs. Their solution? “Take in even less”

Tax cuts do not increase government revenue. They never have

Republicans shout, “We have a spending problem, let’s lower taxes”

Forgetting when they held the purse strings they spent like mad


And tax cuts don’t create jobs. It’s a lie. If so, where are they?

Democrats blurt, “We have a revenue problem, let’s raise taxes”

In truth, we really have both. Sure, we should cut spending

(Shit like this)

But only in bloated areas not functioning well, or useful anymore

And we should raise taxes both corporate AND personal income

Or just have fucking corporations actually PAY what they OWE

(Pay what you owe)

Our corporate tax rate should be at 50% like it was under Reagan

Income should be taxed 39%-44% for those making 1 million+

But why? Well because if corporations aren’t paying now at 38%

You can bet your ass the wealthy aren’t paying at 35% EITHER

(Wait, no)

That’s why they hire really really fucking good accountants

In fact, on personal income taxed the US ranks 23rd out of 30

Wow, let that sink in. The only people who pay less than us are:

New Zealand

Republicans aren’t even a party anymore. They’re economic sociopaths

When a group of people are only creating policy for & supporting the top 1%

(Love them)

You have a small select club. It’s so selective, no one will ever vote for it

It’s like calling your wife a “stupid bitch”, & still expecting to sleep with her

It’s never going to happen. Welcome to the political couch GOP, get comfy

Have a day!

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