Judge Adams Mega Fuckhole

November 4th, 2011

When an abusers abuse becomes public, the same steps happen

They deny it ever happened. Sorry fidiot, tape doesn’t lie

(But you do)

Then they downplay the event itself with “It’s looked worse”

Then, comes the prick coup de gras; blame the victim or abused

Right on que Judge William Adams lawyer makes his statement:

(You get certified?)

They questioned the “timing” of the video, & found her answers

“have been confusing and hollow…Very few people find palatable

her claim that it was to ‘help’ her father”. Seriously you assholes?

(Shut your hole)

Oh no, it gets worse. There’s even more when you think it ends

“Hillary warned her father if he reduced her financial support

& took away her Mercedes automobile, which her father provided

he would regret it,” Dudley said. “The post was then uploaded”


Two holes in that logic. Her main reasons for posting it are:

1) To get him help, & 2) show her father as unfit to judge

Without 2) he makes no $ to support her. No $, no support

(My dad sucks)

As usual with all abuser assholes, that makes zero sense

Turns out, he’s even still harassing mom & daughter in texts

He’s going for custody of the other daughter you saw in diapers

What a massive soulless fucking pile of sub-human pond scum

(File picture)

But do you want to know what is the worst part of all this?

He can’t be charged. There’s a 5 year statute of limitations on it

Wow. Well at the very least, this sadist will be shitcanned

(Hide buddy)

And now he can’t get laid by a hooker with a fist full of $100’s

Instant karma’s gotcha good buddy. And it’s all well earned

While the entire internet community stands by your side Hillary

Time To Turn The Other Greek

Remember My Big Fat Greek Prime Minster George Papandreou?

(George as a boy)

Well, turns out he “doesn’t” want to default on the Euro bailout now

*Disney record scratch*

Wait a sec, what what with the what what? Why all the sudden?

Oh, because he really thought shit through on the “default” part

(George parenting)

Oh, and did I mention all the conservative Greeks were like:

“What the fuck are you doing moron? It’s decided, we NEED THIS!”

When you’re father right than conservatives, it’s not good

Have a weekend!

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