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It appears that the Orange shit bucket’s now in full on “Petulant Child” mode since he Does Not (Toddler Time) even know how Government Works. He just told Nancy Pelosi, that her Secure secret trip will not be going. This Is clearly the tantrum response to Pelosi’s letter About the State Of the Union. Well […]

The Orange Idiot Machine, is ‘Plummeting’ in Approval ratings Among Americans, he (No shit!) is echoin’ the exact same denial lie as the fucking Kremlin. Oooooops. To add Insult to stupidity, there might not be a State of Union Address. Chump isn’t The ‘Sharpest’ knife in the draw. Shit he isn’t even a nice KFC […]

As Orange Dumpster Fire Slowly Prepares For jail, & Muellers team just got another 50 days (We Know) since Rick Gates is singin like (insert any 80’s band here); the rest of the “World” is Dealing with a UK version of Dump with a Brexit vote The vote did not pass. May and her hard […]

The last fat, gout ridden shoe is now falling with A thick “Thud”. The FBI has been on a (<-Lie Hole) fact Finding “Investigation” After Trump in a “Fit of partisan Treason” fired Jim Comey Yes ya read that correctly. They have been watching/Hearing EVERYTHING Trump Has being doing with Putin & saying. This spells […]

Wall Lies, Stern Warning…

January 11th, 2019

As this Week of Batshitcrazy Closes Out, We are all left with One Thing. This Orange Ass has now (Explodes) lied AGAIN. He tried to Claim he Never said that “Mexico Would Pay For the Wall”. Wow, he must be Upset from All That Footage of him lying then His Old Construction Vice President Said […]

Ex-Chump personal lawyer & felon Cohen will be testifying, to Congress, Capitol Hill (The End) on February 7th. Oooooooooooooooooops This Is great news for 80% of the Country This is Bad News for those left standing in a big, filthy, pile of, Orange Trumpian shit As all this is happening ‘Dummy Don’ is in full […]

The Orange Failed Fraud hit a brick wall last night. And Mexico didn’t “pay” for it (We Know) No one really Tuned In to hear more lies or this Utter Non-Sense babbling bullshit He lied with every bloated, flabby breath And it didn’t stop after all of the cameras shut down. They Continued Into Today […]

Slime Time…

January 8th, 2019

The Orange fraud, is Taking His WWF Bullshit fest of lies to “prime time”. Why the media is (Deny it O2) even playing Along with such A Disgusting lie solely for Ad Revenue is also horrible. I won’t be watching, nor Will ‘Most’ Americans. Sure, you might See your Hard Core MAGA fucks in the […]

The Shut Down Continues…

January 7th, 2019

Make no Mistakes Here. This ‘Shut Down’ Could have been avoided. It wasn’t. It is about a Wall (Crack!) and a Tiny Hateful Bigot Wanting to Burn it All down. Republicans are the Core reason for the Shut Down. Them and Trump standing side by side over a Wall Of Hate, that Mexico isn’t ever […]

The Republican Party Are Scared Of Her. They seriously should be. She is Young, Firey, Read, (“Hi world!”) informed & Armed With Specific ‘Policies’ That the Entire country LOVES. She encapsulates a Policy Set, from Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, & many, MANY More. These Are ‘Popular Polices’ and have been so with such strong polling. […]

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