Ex-Chump personal lawyer & felon Cohen

will be testifying, to Congress, Capitol Hill

(The End)

on February 7th. Oooooooooooooooooops

This Is great news for 80% of the Country

This is Bad News for those left standing in

a big, filthy, pile of, Orange Trumpian shit

As all this is happening ‘Dummy Don’ is in

full “I’m To Die In Jail” Mode. And, he’s so

right to think that. Because he will. But he

is WRONG To Think it’s Avoidable. It Is All

over but the Crying Now. He Went & Hired

17 new lawyers. And they “boldly” claimed

(Chance of walking)

That Trump; “Won’t Answer Any More ?’s”

from Mueller. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ahh Yes,

The Ol’ “After Committing Crimes, I’m Not

answering Any more of your Questions ya

coppers!”. Nope, he & his Crew are fucked

NOTE: The Entire Government Shut-Down Is Now
Overwhelmingly Blamed on Trump, & Republicans
They Are Making Government Workers Suffer FOR
NOTHING. The Country, Have “All” ENOUGH OF IT
Everyday that passes Hurting Others, They Own It
NOTE II: Judge Napolitano, From ‘FOX’, Just SAID,
The Trumps Campaign Committed “Collusion”. OH
Boy is this Bad News for Every Republican in office

Have a day!

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