The Shut Down Continues…

January 7th, 2019

Make no Mistakes Here. This ‘Shut Down’ Could

have been avoided. It wasn’t. It is about a Wall


and a Tiny Hateful Bigot Wanting to Burn it All

down. Republicans are the Core reason for the

Shut Down. Them and Trump standing side by

side over a Wall Of Hate, that Mexico isn’t ever

paying for…….that’s why they are holding all of

our TAX DOLLARS Hostage to Do it. This ‘ends’

badly, for Republicans in Government Standing

with Trump, Instead of Citizens, Workers & our

Representative Democracy; this is more lunacy

(Not Good)

And now, Trump/The WH Tried To “Order” Back

the IRS to pay out refunds. Ahhhhh no, ya utter

morons. CONGRESS Controls the “Power” of the

purse. But every 6th Grader knows this; not the

insane Morons ‘in Charge’ Right Now. Disgusting

NOTE: The Bears Choke Losing Against The Eagles
16-15. Parky Got His Kick Blocked But That Wasn’t
The Main Reason, We Lost. No Game Plan, For The
Playoff’s From Nagy & No O; Until The 4th Quarter!

Have a day!

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