The Orange Failed Fraud hit a brick wall

last night. And Mexico didn’t “pay” for it

(We Know)

No one really Tuned In to hear more lies

or this Utter Non-Sense babbling bullshit

He lied with every bloated, flabby breath

And it didn’t stop after all of the cameras

shut down. They Continued Into Today &

his Tantrums Escalated. Trump, Met With

Chuck Schumer, & Speaker, Nancy Pelosi

The “Meeting” Wasn’t Even, A Meeting. It

was A ‘Child’, Demanding His Wall. Nancy


Pelosi said “No”. He Stormed Out. And it

is yet another example of americans who

are Finished with this Racist, lying fucker

His Actions in Immorally Holding Peoples

LIVES Hostage, Without Pay, Will Be, The

final Step before he is arrested and jailed

Mueller Will Likely be wrapping things up

by the 2nd Week Of March. And now that

we Found out Manafort Gave Polling To a


Russian Agent; Conway, Don Jr. & Jared

are the Next to Fall. Followed by Trumpy

and Pence. Tick, Tock is Over. Times Up!

NOTE: Don Jr. Must Know, That Jail Is Looming
So, He’s Dialing Up His Aryan Racist Hate Here
Calling Immigrants Zoo Animals. The Next Two
Months Will ‘Not’ Be Kind To Don Jr., & Trumpy

Have a day!

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