Slime Time…

January 8th, 2019

The Orange fraud, is Taking His WWF Bullshit

fest of lies to “prime time”. Why the media is

(Deny it O2)

even playing Along with such A Disgusting lie

solely for Ad Revenue is also horrible. I won’t

be watching, nor Will ‘Most’ Americans. Sure,

you might See your Hard Core MAGA fucks in

the ratings tucked deep, but it will be a bomb

See, once you’re A Racist, lying, immoral pile

of shit abusing others daily…..citizens get it &

change The Channel. He’s Just A “Re-Run” Of

himself. America Is Finished With him, his BS,

his hate, & his lies. Mueller, Not even close to

(Tick tock!)

done with him. All this Will come to A Head; a

big, fat, empty, poorly groomed, Orange head

NOTE: Trumps Knows He Can’t Declare A “State Of
Emergency” To Implement, The Wall Alone. He Is A
Moron, Fraud, Lunatic, Liar, cheat and he’s Finished

Have a day!

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