Wall Lies, Stern Warning…

January 11th, 2019

As this Week of Batshitcrazy Closes Out, We are

all left with One Thing. This Orange Ass has now


lied AGAIN. He tried to Claim he Never said that

“Mexico Would Pay For the Wall”. Wow, he must

be Upset from All That Footage of him lying then

His Old Construction Vice President Said That he

“I never thought he was a great dealmaker…He’s

never responsible it’s always someone elses fault”

If You Are An American Tax Payer, & You Support

Rump. YOU, ARE, A, SUCKER!!! A Rube, A Pigeon,

a chump, dumb, daft, conned, a mark. It’s so bad


every his old buddy Howard Stern called his wall

“Something that morons can get behind”. Oh ya,

but “Moron’s” is far too Kind. How about zombie

clinical dumbshits unable to process reality/facts

Have a weekend!

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