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Cool Beards…

January 17th, 2014

What kind of home grown hair turtle neck have you got?!?! It it the kind that makes others stop to say, “My, that’s one (and chew steel) dandy vagina scrubber you got right there”. Or do they say, “You’re getting into Joaquin Phoenix lazy Creepy-Ville land” Which ever you have, wear your neck sweater with […]

The Gay Is Gone, & Text Death

January 16th, 2014

What if I told you the TeaOP had a faction of gay conservatives and they were called GOProud? Now what if I then told you the (So long asshats!) founder of this conservative gay advocacy group, who’s also gay himself, decided to leave the Republican party. Ooooooooooops! Poor Jimmy LaSalvia explained exactly ‘why’ he left […]

There was this “terrible toxic spill” into drinking water in West Virgina the other day. It “tainted the water supply”, yes I typed (that’s “make-out” close) ‘taint’ of over 300,000 people who get drinking water from the Elk River. The storage facility is owned by, now get this big gem Freedom Industries Inc. They’re a […]

Damn Welfare Wasters?!?!

January 14th, 2014

Ahhhhhh yes, the far rights echo BS to all who have had to use social safety nets is ‘they’re all ‘Welfare Queens living the good (nice Joe Arpaio impression) life on $240 a week’. Maine’s TeaOPing Governor Paul LePage spent almost 1 million $’ers, to find two tenths of 1% of welfare fraud. Bravo buddy! […]

After reading the titles of Skin-a-max late night adult shows, the “Gloden Globes” were not at all what I thought they’d be (grab the popcorn!) They are just nice looking statues people win from the Holly Wood foreign press; and sounds like something ya buy when running a newspaper company to print huge papers in […]

Long answer, no. Short answer…wow that was short. Football gives ya only 3 things your lover can’t: 1) indigestion from the dips or pizza 2) a (truth hurts) euphoria in taking credit for actions of others in a sport you’ll never do and 3) gives you the highs & lows that only a bi-polar disorder […]

You can’t spell Ailes without “seal”. He wanted trained seals to do all his bidding since the “Coked up 80’s”. It seems nothing has changed (“You’re fired for telling the truth”) Anyone who speaks out will be attacked, beaten verbally, & followed It’s the mantra of the hard right today; “Do what I say, or […]

I was originally going to do something titled “Lunaticing w/Rodman” but I remembered it is not 1997, & he is not on the Chicago Bulls so I (“I think I’m still pro-wrestling”) do not give a shit. He, & some other ‘misguided players’ are over in N. Korea with Kim Jong Un tryin to make […]

When you’re fathers name is DICK, you may be a little shitty as a person. Well, the demon spawn of Mr. Potter, mixed with “Darth (“Open hand slap!”) Vader” Liz Cheney was running for office in Wyoming. Well, not anymore. It seems her & Palin now have something wonderful in common; quitting! She dropped out […]

I’m back baby! Go ahead, I will now listen to your loud thunderous cheers *crickets chirping* No please, stop, all this love is simply too much to take Rodney Lee Conover, is a Republican, running for California’s 8th District (“I’m a Tea Party turd”) And his ad was hilarious, sad, goofy, & weird all at […]

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