After reading the titles of Skin-a-max late night adult shows,

the “Gloden Globes” were not at all what I thought they’d be

(grab the popcorn!)

They are just nice looking statues people win from the Holly

Wood foreign press; and sounds like something ya buy when

running a newspaper company to print huge papers in mass

Well Tina, who was my Second City level 2 teacher all in the

Conservatory was really funny. As was Amy Poehler from the

UCB in Chicago, NYC, & even LA. Good times. And so no one

puked up their cocktails live on stage. Meh, there is “always”

(nice stair work)

hope for 2015. That, & they need to have live hungry animals

on stage to add that degree of “holy shit they might be chowed

on at any second” to it. I know they wouldn’t need the “music”

to move them all along with the ‘thank you speeches’ any more

Christie Creamed

By now you’ve heard all about Chris Christie’s “Bridge Shut

Down” problem. See, some people in his campaign or office


decided to shut down a bridge to only one toll lane for some

political spite. E-mails leaked about people directly working

for Christie decided to punish Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich

E-mails were between Deputy Chief Of Staff Bridget Kelly &

Chief spokes person of Chris Christie Michael Drewniak. SO,

remember, you can’t spell “bridge tension” without “Bridget”

It seems Chris has a 2 hour marathon weird PR event of big

confusion only stallin that he knew something. He did simply

(the party’s over)

because you know the actions of your DCOS, and your CHIEF

spokesman of your own OFFICE. They do his biding & you’re

not gonna tell me they ‘acted on their own’. Bridget was fired

Christe did the “one sin” in politics that is unforgivable: lying

about it all after you’re busted. Depending on what it is some

will even forgive you. Saying, “the buck stops here”, and then

throwing the “two main players” in this who report directly to

him under the bus is telling. He is in deep shit, & fat sinks fast

Tomorrow: Maine TeaOP finds 2 10th of 1% in welfare fraud

Have a day!

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