The Gay Is Gone, & Text Death

January 16th, 2014

What if I told you the TeaOP had a faction of gay conservatives

and they were called GOProud? Now what if I then told you the

(So long asshats!)

founder of this conservative gay advocacy group, who’s also gay

himself, decided to leave the Republican party. Ooooooooooops!

Poor Jimmy LaSalvia explained exactly ‘why’ he left ALL the fun:

“I just can’t bring myself to carry the Republican label any longer”

He cited their ‘tolerance of bigotry’ as a reason for his departure

with, “The current leadership lacks the courage to stand up to it,

I’m not sure they ever will”. And, welcome to reality Jimmy boy

A gay person supporting the TeaOP or Republican’s today is like

(I quit bitches!)

having a Jewish Nazi, black KKK member, or a ‘moronic genius’

Everything they say, do, & attempt to enact policy wise is a total

effort to hurt that sect of society. It seems the more they keep on

shitting on the rest of society, the less that “rest”, thinks of them

Most Republican’s will try pretending this isn’t a deathblow (YES

I said blow about a gay guy) but the writing is on the wall. They

appeal to no voters aside from white, older, rural bigoted males

Demographically speaking, they can’t win any national election

Seems after pissing off: Women, minorities, the poor, teachers,

Latino’s, blacks, immigrants, Mexican’s & everyone else it’s ova

Shot In Theater For Texting?!?!

This story makes my stomach turn. It’s also a “cautionary tale”

that should make all of America, question the mental health of

(Chad is now dead)

some gun owners. During the previews to a movie, this ‘retired

police captain’ named Curtis Reeves got in an argument with a

man named Chad Oulson(43) & his wife Nicole. So he “pulled”

out a gun a shot him right in the chest. He died, & the saddest

part; Nicole tried to stop the bullet with her hand, & it passed

right though killing him. She will “never” be the same again, &

everytime she looks at her hand she remembers losing the love

of her life. Curtis Reeves is a special kind of ‘hateful moron ass

(the face of hate)

hole’. Fuck this man, & everything he represents. Until we, as a

society have a rational way to regulate the mentally insane and

psychotic persons from owning firearms, our country’s no more

safe than Englewood in Chicago. Deal with it. We must all fix it

Until we do, we as a society have collectively ALL lost our SHIT

Tomrrow: Oklahoma, OK w/Gay Marriage, & Vitter Asshole

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