I’m back baby! Go ahead, I will now listen to your loud thunderous cheers

*crickets chirping* No please, stop, all this love is simply too much to take

Rodney Lee Conover, is a Republican, running for California’s 8th District

(“I’m a Tea Party turd”)

And his ad was hilarious, sad, goofy, & weird all at the same time. It’s here

Rodney decided to say one of the most silly & odd statements in this video:

“I’m not a politician…Politicians are ruining this country”

Nothing funnier than a dude stating “Politician’s are ruining this country!”

coming directly from the mouth of a………..politician. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The clip ends with a silent shot of Conover sitting right in front of the car &

somewhat unsuccessfully trying to hold his squirming dog. And my “other”

favorite part was when he said, “I won’t betray you or stab you in the back!”

(Oh, he’s a “dog” now?)

Well that’s refreshing news. I hate being murdered by those I elect to office

Shit, I didn’t even know that was an option. I’ll pick slow, poorly sited folks

He looks like a cross between a ‘drunk Don Rickles’ & Sloth from “Goonies”

Turns out policy wise he’s a far right Rand Paul “Patriot TeaOP’er”. Oooops

The Kickers Speech

No stuttering & no speech coaches. Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris

Kluwe, has publicly come out blasting coaches, and specifically the “Special

(so sad, it all ends bad)

Teams coach” named Mike Priefer for using anti-gay and pretty nasty words

to describe “the gays” with them as “burning in hell”. He even said to Kluwe

& other players talking about his pro-gay marriage letters before a meeting,

this work, “We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, & then

nuke it until it glows”. Charming fella. Also former head coach Leslie Frazor

told him to “tone it down” about speaking out in favor of gay rights equality

It’s all in a very detailed almost diary or ‘time line’ piece by Chris right here

After this release Mike Priefer denied all allegations of him saying anything

Only problem is you have a lot of other players who where there who heard

it clearly. Oooooooooooooooooops Mikey. This will not end well for Mike P

(Coach Mike is toast)

and the real sadness here is for all this “ignorant hate”. You’d almost expect

the denial right away. Why? Because it seems that Kluwe/others heard it, &

documented it well, which only serves for Priefer to try to deny it. Well, it’s

not a “he said, she said”. It is a, “he said, they all heard”, & it ends badly for

Mike. What will “cost him” his job, is his inability to accept his ‘intolerance’

by denying it exists. The “hate” is one thing, but openly denying it is the sin

And for such a ‘good Christian guy’ that will be his undoing; his sad hubris

the Vikes are taking this seriously, but Mike will regret saying these words

“I vehemently deny today‚Äôs allegations made by Chris Kluwe, I want to be clear that
I do not tolerate discrimination of any type and I am respectful of ALL individuals.
I have gay family members who I love and support just as I do any family member.”

That will come back to bite his ass…he sad, tiny, want to be head coach ass

Tomorrow: Ol’ Bloomberg Takes A Big Beating At De Blasio Inauguration

Have a day!

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