There was this “terrible toxic spill” into drinking water in West

Virgina the other day. It “tainted the water supply”, yes I typed

(that’s “make-out” close)

‘taint’ of over 300,000 people who get drinking water from the

Elk River. The storage facility is owned by, now get this big gem

Freedom Industries Inc. They’re a toxic waste storage facility, &

subject to no state or federal regulations of any kind since 1991!

Oh great, so how did that go? Um, not good; drinking, & shower

water was tainted. I said it again. But how did this all happen?!?

Oh, by cutting EPA funding by 20% then Republican’s can brag

(“eat it…bitch”)

about it. They didn’t have water for 5 straight days. My guess is

they will NOT be voting Republican next elections because it all

came directly to their front door with GOP horrible non-policies

Ooooooooooooooopsy! Holy shit this reminds me of a Simpsons

episode from 1991 when Monty Burns dumped toxic waste into

the lake, & it started “mutating” the animals. He was served this

three eyed fish named “Blinky” by Marge. Society is done with it

Libertarian “Deregulation” Doesn’t Work?!?!

No way, I can’t believe it *John does a silly faked shocked look*

With the story above you get a ‘real life, & real time’ example of

(great advice)

how deregulation doesn’t work, & has the opposite effect. They,

had NO regulation at this location since 1991. None & didn’t see

having more as a good thing. Well so what do you think “Orange

Man” John Boehner thinks about it? “The issue is this, we have

enough regulations on the books”. They literally had N-O-N-E!

He wants “less than no regulations”. When you need 20 dollars

to go to the store, and are $20 short. How about we ‘solve’ your

problem by taking another -$10 from you. It is nothing short of

clinical insanity. ALL these sociopathic wackos know it doesn’t

(give me!)

work, but DO NOT FUCKING CARE. They’d suck the corporate

cock if it had herpes, & gobble it down with with smile. The US

Libertarian party today(of which I agree with 32% w/legalize it,

no foreign occupations, & cut wasteful spending) is in need of a

spanking. They are like a loud ID driven kid screaming, “I want

what I want, when I want it, & I want it noooooooooooooooow!”

They’re like an ‘adult version’ of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka

Tomorrow: Movie Texter Sadly Shot In Cold Blood

Have a day!

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