I was originally going to do something titled “Lunaticing w/Rodman”

but I remembered it is not 1997, & he is not on the Chicago Bulls so I

(“I think I’m still pro-wrestling”)

do not give a shit. He, & some other ‘misguided players’ are over in N.

Korea with Kim Jong Un tryin to make it appear as if they are helping

a peace plan. *Cough* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, when you can’t even finish

a sentence, stay away from serious geo-political issues guys. Anywho;

Mega Director Michael Bay, had a “Teleprompter Melt Down Of Epic

Levels”. It seems 4K isn’t something Bay wants to talk about, ORRRR

he’s a director, not an actor. It only sucked ‘half as much’ as the plots

to every film he directed. His apology was pretty great. He explained

(“Wait, what?!?!”)

“I guess live events aren’t my thing”. Shit happens. It has happened to

me. You just act in the moment, & tell the audience what’s going on &

make fun of yourself. Best way “out of anything” unless you’re already

not wearing an pants. In that case, you’re already “ball bling bagging”

FOX’s Pot-A-Holes

It seems FOX noise only has two modes: bullshit, & super hyper bull

shit. Bill O’Reilly AKA “Uncle Grumpy Lying Hyper Insane Assclown”

(“Stupid hippies!”)

Bill had on Juan Williams, & Mary Katharine Ham to “discuss it” all

Well Gramps decided it was ALL simple and he just “knew” the facts:

O’Reilly: Only dealers, Juan. There’s no mass arrests of users.

Williams: No, no, no, Bill.

Ham: No, users are arrested.

O’Reilly: No, they get a ticket, Juan.

Williams: I don’t think that’s right, Bill.

O’Reilly: No, it is right.

Forget Grandpa Dirtbutton is totally wrong. As usual he got his facts

“rectally” like he does for everything he spews. 87% of pot arrests are

for “simple possession” according to facts, the FBI, and ALL of reality

from the year 2012. When you offer facts, statistics, or reality to right

wingers today they act like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of its

(“I’m utterly crazy!”)

mouth. They totally got this figured out: “If facts are introduced that

I do not like, just yell them away or click your heels 3 times fast” and

go out to find new one’s that aren’t real, true, or ever existed in time!

Have a day!

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