Damn Welfare Wasters?!?!

January 14th, 2014

Ahhhhhh yes, the far rights echo BS to all who have had to use

social safety nets is ‘they’re all ‘Welfare Queens living the good

(nice Joe Arpaio impression)

life on $240 a week’. Maine’s TeaOPing Governor Paul LePage

spent almost 1 million $’ers, to find two tenths of 1% of welfare

fraud. Bravo buddy! Bang up work!! Oh, how much did that all

cost again? Oh it was a $925,000 no bid contact to a TeaOPing

study joint called The Alexander Group. Well, golly I’ll bet they

found TONS of welfare abuse like every Republican screams at

the top of their lungs right? No. Out of 1.8 million transactions

from Janurary 1st, 2011, through November 15th of 2013; only

(you’re fired then moron)

3,000 were spent at bars, sports bars, and strip clubs. Oh my!

The horror! Wait, aren’t these places “small business’s?”. Wtf?

What’s wrong with those places? Every day they’re packed, &

unless they’re Moe’s Tavern not until 3:45 or 5ishy. It gets SO

much better. Ass-Clam has to now justify his spending & says:

“This information is eye-opening and indicates a larger
problem than initially thought, we have discovered welfare
benefits are paying for alcohol, cigarettes & other things that
hardworking taxpayers should not be footing the bill for.”

Clearly a dizzying intellect right there. He statistically, “Found

out” that two tenths of 1% in any program might be ‘bad’. Just

like “voter fraud” right?!? Unholy fuck. If he’d like to speak to

“Waste of tax payers money”, let’s start with HIS damn salary

You think it’s an isolated incident in policy? Ask Colorado (R)

(Michelle Bachmann Jr?!?!)

Vicki Marble (a few short!), (R) Dan Nordberg, and (R) Jared

Wright. They passed a bill stating that “no welfare can be used

to purchase pot”. They all believed a “fake satire story” , at The

National Report. Read the comments below it to laugh and cry

And don’t forget it was linked as an “Actual Story” by the GOP

They will be quoting new sources soon like The Onion, & Mad

Tomorrow: A New Henry Ford In Ron Unz, & Oooopsy Spill?

Have a day!

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