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Another day in ‘Merica and we Have Yet ANOTHER Shit Mass (Our Country) Shooting. Since Republicans’ll not ever do a fucking thing to stop it; Ya Vote Em all Out Of Office. We Need ‘Change’, We need actual realistic reform & we Need It Yesterday. Get rid of the Filibuster, Pass rational gun reform now. […]

COVID cases are rising at a rapid rate. Because, People are fucking (It’s True!) stupid. The pandemic is not over ya douchebags! Oh & speakin’ of ‘Bags-O-Douche’, Republican Jim “I’m A Jabbering Ass-toy” Jordan Decided to Attack Dr Fauci today because….of course he Would. It didn’t go over 2 Well. In fact the Chair and […]

It seems these days the entire Republican Party, Has more In (Vanilla ISIS!) common With Terrorists and hateful ‘Vile Criminals’. They Don’t Realize How It’s Killing their Party. Meh, So keep On Going. You, Are Almost Done Speaking Of “Done”, the War in Afghanistan Is almost ova About Time. The idea should Be, “Leave A […]

A hero who served, was laid to rest Today in The Capitol. And, (Heartache) it Matters. It ALL matters and don’t Ever Think It doesn’t. In fact, It “Matters” MORE These days than “ever” before. In all of The Tears Today, humanity came thru. We have an Actual President that cares, he gives a Shit. […]

The vaccines are working but if we all just ‘Pretend’ Shit Is now (We Know) suddenly “normal”, we will lose all the Great Progress we Made Now’s the time to End it but all Still masking, Following All The CDC ‘Guidelines & Slowing’ The “Opening” Of States Drastically And, Speaking of “Things” That are about […]

Things are going from bad to way “worse” for the Entire Republican (And Criminal!) Party left Standing Today. In fact, Matt “Sexual Assault” Gaetz bout 20 years in “jail” is one thing, but House R – Tom Reed’s going thru his own sexual harassment cases Oooooooops. Seems Republicans can’t stop ‘Committing crimes’ at historic Rates. […]

And now, while still Doing A Million things to fix What “Orange Douche” (Must, Fix, US!) did to the country. Next on Tap for us is (Drum Roll)…A new Tax Plan! The main factual thrust, “Ahem, ya Ultra Wealthy folks, the bill for this Great Country You’ve Been Skating on it is Past due“. And, […]

It seems nothing’s going right for The Entire Republican Party At All (Zing!) In fact, Shit’s about to get worse Turns Out, The Old Senate Crypt Keeper Out Of Power, Has A LOT 2 say about what Companies can & Can’t Politically do. HA!! These are the “folks” who he took the $ from & […]

The Vaccines are working, but we must Remain stead fast & Vigilant (The Vodka?) with Mask Use, rules & still doing all the Things we Must. I’ll tell ya something that Isn’t “working” at All these days…….The Republican Party. See aside from mass voter suppression, racist hate or basic obstruction; They offer nothin to Voters. […]

The Vaccines Are Working, which is a great thing. But fully opening (Rim Shot!) up is massively dumb. Oh & what is The Difference Between “Good” Friday & “Great” Friday?!?! When you get the Day Off. Zing. Booom Today Marks Yet Another Horrific chapter In Our History. A vehicle rammed into police at the capitol […]

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