Another day in ‘Merica and we

Have Yet ANOTHER Shit Mass

(Our Country)

Shooting. Since Republicans’ll

not ever do a fucking thing to

stop it; Ya Vote Em all Out Of

Office. We Need ‘Change’, We

need actual realistic reform &

we Need It Yesterday. Get rid

of the Filibuster, Pass rational

gun reform now. Everyday we

Don’t; More ‘Innocent’ Victims


get slaughtered. And In What

can Only be Called “Hateful &

immorally Vile” gesture, the 2

Q-Fart ‘Terrorist Moron Twins’

voted “no” against a leukemia

Transplant Bill that “matches”

bonemarrow donors & people

suffering from leukemia. Let’s

hope “Karma” decides to do A

(Terrorist Twins)

tap Dance On their Miserable,

hateful lil lives soon; tick tock

NOTE: Capitol Insurrection Terrorist, &
Oath Keeper Leader (Just A Militarized
Racist Fascist “Terrorist group”) pleads
Guilty & turns on others. Ooooooooops

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

5 Responses to “Another Mass Shooting & Disgusting…”

  1. John Bolger

    Mass Shootings must end

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