The Vaccines are working, but we

must Remain stead fast & Vigilant

(The Vodka?)

with Mask Use, rules & still doing

all the Things we Must. I’ll tell ya

something that Isn’t “working” at

All these days…….The Republican

Party. See aside from mass voter

suppression, racist hate or basic

obstruction; They offer nothin to

Voters. Nothing. Welp, Turns Out,

that’s Bad for Business. The MLB

All Star Game left Georgia over A

(Yes Indeed)

Voter Hate bill. BOOM! That’s So

powerful more businesses will all

follow Suit. Turns Out, when you

attack A fundamental Right, that

upsets everyone; speakin of hurt

Turns out there Is nothing left of

the entire Repubkkklan Party. In

Fact, with Matty, “Sex Trafficker”

Gaetz Going Down, he’s going to

Be Taking, A LOT Of Others With

(Felon Friends!)

Him. They Deserve, “Everything”

that’s Comin’. Criminal Nothings

NOTE: That “Thing” Alex Jones Is Going Be
Going thru more Legal issues That Will just
End Him. Good, Couldn’t Happen to a more
deserving, fat, racist vile criminal pile a shit
His final “appeal” was rejected. He’s fucked

Have A “Safe” Day!

3 Responses to “Brawl Star Shame & Nothin’ Left…”

  1. John Bolger

    Bravo MLB! YOU did the right thing!

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