The Vaccines Are Working, which

is a great thing. But fully opening

(Rim Shot!)

up is massively dumb. Oh & what

is The Difference Between “Good”

Friday & “Great” Friday?!?! When

you get the Day Off. Zing. Booom

Today Marks Yet Another Horrific

chapter In Our History. A vehicle

rammed into police at the capitol

The Terrorist, A White male, was

shot & died…..after he attacked 2

capitol police with a knife; this Is

(Pain & Hurt)

pure evil. One officer has died. It

is Unacceptable; this shit can not

happen Again. No more. Oh, And

Speaking Of “No More”, It Seems

the Entire Republican Party is on

the Scrap heap….just smoldering

Imagine How Many are Going To

sucked Into The Matt Gaetz Case

R’s Will Topple Down by The day

& Even ‘Republican Families’, Are

(We Know)

callin’ maga Paul Gosar “directly

Responsible For Jan 6th”, & That

“he should face criminal charges”


NOTE: in the trial of murderer Derek Chauvin
There just is No Defense For the Indefensible
This is required viewing. He’ll be found guilty

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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  1. John Bolger

    Savor every day, have a kick ass weekend!

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