And now, while still Doing A Million

things to fix What “Orange Douche”

(Must, Fix, US!)

did to the country. Next on Tap for

us is (Drum Roll)…A new Tax Plan!

The main factual thrust, “Ahem, ya

Ultra Wealthy folks, the bill for this

Great Country You’ve Been Skating

on it is Past due“. And, it’s spot on

The Poor & ‘Shrinking’ Middle Class

have had 2 foot the bill waaaaaaay

too long. Times up. Pay up. Oh and

speaking Of “Paying A Price” it’s so

(New Fail!)

funny to Watch FOX “Try” Comedy

Not as Actual comedians, but more

in That “Holy Shit, This Is Painfully

hard to view” Way; Schadenfreude

at its “finest”, comedy requires the

“truth”; not partisan hate/lies. See,

Any Comedy Writer Knows it’s The

Powerful, you Mock / Skewer. They

are Boot-Licking the Racist Hateful

sociopath kings boots to a cool fine

(It’s Over!)

Shine. BUZZ! Wrong, It is Horrible

dreck. And Last But SO Expensive

the looming “consequences” for all

the R’s. Not only are Corporations,

sports, courts & all of society as a

whole pushing back against all the

R’s…but all new voters are. BOOM

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere To Hide

NOTE: It Was ALL One, Big, FatAss, Scam For
Maga “Suckers”. You “Racist Rubes” deserve it

Have A “Safe” Day!
(Hope to get back to regular saying soon)

21 Responses to “Tax Plan, Flop, & Consequences…”

  1. John Bolger

    FOX “news” is unintentional “comedy”. Next!

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