It seems nothing’s going right for

The Entire Republican Party At All


In fact, Shit’s about to get worse

Turns Out, The Old Senate Crypt

Keeper Out Of Power, Has A LOT

2 say about what Companies can

& Can’t Politically do. HA!! These

are the “folks” who he took the $

from & now told them to shut up

It’d Be Like Telling A Banker You

desperately need A big loan from

to “Go fuck yourself”. He bite the


hand & Won’t Ever get Fed again

In Fact, Their ‘Entire’ Republican

Party’s foldin faster than a coked

up Origami expert. ZING! All the

‘Backlash’ against Republicans is

building up super Fast. And what

IS ‘Going Right’; COVID Vaccines

will Hit 150 Million (its just under

half the country) Arms In the 1st

75 days. Holly balls batman, that


is awesome speed. Stay “focused”

We Are All Beating This Pandemic

NOTE: The White House Press Secretary, Jen
Psaki decides to call Out overt lies Presented
By FOX news then points out all of the voting
facts, They “Totally Got Wrong”. Like A BOSS
RIP:  Democratic House Rep., Alcee Hastings
Has Died, At 84 Years Old. He, Held That FLA
seat since 1992 no replacement election date
has been set yet nor should be time to grieve

Have A “Safe” Day!

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