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Very Few Republicans, Have denounced and directly Distanced Themselves From Trumps (No joke) overtly Racist Comments supporting the KKK Nazi marchers calling them “Very fine people” And now 67% of Republicans Agree with him Make No Mistake, That # is Down 15+ Points from his core R-base approval Rating. But it’s official. If you’re Republican […]

Trump had a big racist lunatic press Conference, Supporting KKK Racists (We know) “But not all of them were Neo-Nazi’s” YES, THEY FUCKING ALL WERE TURD It’s official. Trump is a Racist hateful lyin’ asshole who supports Domestic White Supremacy Terrorism. It is all Over For Trump. You Can’t Unring A mega Racist hate Bell […]

Usual Hollow Non-Apology…

August 15th, 2017

Racists are always good for one thing The old “Non-apology” apology. They (So common) ALL Do it. Trump was no Different, & it rang just as Hollow, fake as they all do. See, When it Takes 3 days AFTER he Encouraged it With A “Many Sides” gift to racists it’s never true. Let’s not forget […]

Racist Domestic Terrorism…

August 14th, 2017

There is no more “gray area” here. All the Confederates and Nazi’s are the same shit (<-His Base) This is not in Question. It is simply a fact And Don’t Give Em A Nice Buzzword “Alt” Right. THEY, Are White Nationalist racists Period and They’re All Directly linked now David Duke & all racists at […]

It’s Summer, So Remember…

August 11th, 2017

Never waste a SINGLE day. Go out (Epic!) and have fun. Smell the Flowers or sing A Song. Maybe “Even” an 80’s Song like Anything Off INXS Listen Like Thieves. Go rock all your days NOTE: Trumps Praises Putin For An Insane Reason. After The Sanctions Trump Thanked Him, For Kickin Out 755 American Embassy […]

Trumps “Team” Topples…

August 10th, 2017

Much Like In Lord Of The Rings When Sauron starts sucking, he starts really (Ha ha!) Sucking Hard, losing “Bigly”. The FBI raided former Idiot Russian troll Paul Manafort’s Home & You Can Bet They found a lot. Their main Goal will be to “Flip him” or let him fry. They already likely Got Enough, […]

Utterly Unfit & Home Raid…

August 9th, 2017

North Korea threatened the US, like it does on Every Tuesday. However, this (<-Crazy Guy!) Time N. Korea Was Testing A Nuclear warhead. Normally When fat unstable children Shout Stupid insane shit, you prepare To Defuse it, End it and Move on. You don’t Ever Seek To Escalate it if you’re an adult who grasp […]

200 Days Of Bummer…

August 8th, 2017

With all things fallin around Trumple Thin Skin And The Entire Republican (Nope, just you) shit show circus of lies and impotence Let’s turn To The Democrats. So what exactly are they doing? Obstruction is important when Sociopaths are trying to Dismantle Healthcare Solely for tax cuts for the Top .3%. Oh & tax reform […]

If you don’t know this Phrase Yet, you sure will. It Is The Most Common Shit (Dipshit!) on any grade school playground, lying political turd or fallacy ridden PR takin’ Head liar. It is Also The Most Common tactic Used By……….Putin/KGB/Kremlin To Instantly Ignore Horrid Information that is Damnin enough to end them all In […]

Atomic Blonde Time!

August 4th, 2017

Going to see that tonight with Sunny (Yes!) Very Jazzed About It. I was Thinking of other Titles it Could go by and Got a few. Sexy Beatdown, Batass Hottie, A Woman You “Fear” But Wanna Kiss NOTE: Pharma Asshole Martin Shkreli Was Just Convicted, On 3 Charges Of securities fraud, conspiracy to commit Securities […]

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